Life with Saibaba


I didn’t think that I will become a believer and so much that I can totally say I live because of him.

Without him this life this saikya would be nothing.

This blog will give you an insight if you are looking for it will show you that its ok to feel what you are feeling.I truly believe if we share our experiences we make a difference in this world.😊

In my tough phases I got strength by reading inspirational blogs.
And sometimes, when my mind lead me into so much darkness that I couldn’t find Saibaba in other things I searched him in people writing their experiences with him.
How their life changed after Saibaba.
How he rescued them from horrible situations.
How he made them more kind and beautiful inside out.😊
And this always uplifted my spirits.
I hope you find the strength and peace you are looking for here if you reached this blog.
Read and if you like it ,do share your thoughts and experiences with me too.
And remember..
Sai blessings to you all.
Om Sairam😊😇
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